Plotter repairs and Servicing

Do you need plotter repairs in Manchester for your HP Designjet, Canon, or Epson plotter, or are you just experiencing issues with it?


Please contact us if there is a problem, and if you have an error code for your HP Designjet, Canon, or Epson printer, we will provide a price estimate. We can offer you an estimate on your plotter repairs and maintenance while we talk on the phone. It is one of the most popular requests for HP Designjet plotter repairs, and that request is to replace the carriage belt. Look at the belt, and check if it appears frayed or if there are any little rubber deposits within the plotter. If unsure, please take a picture of it and email it to us; our team is available to assist you.

We are a nationwide plotter repairs firm with an excellent reputation for repairs, servicing, and maintenance. Our services are available across the country. Call us for plotter maintenance and repair if you’re in or around London and need dependable technical assistance.

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Because most businesses charge a fee for the first service call in addition to an hourly rate for the actual repair, the service’s total cost will not be known to you until the technician has completed the plotter repair and received payment in full. When you call, we will let you know how much the maintenance will set you back in money. If more spare parts are required, the only additional expense you’ll incur will be for those, and the engineer will give you an estimate of how much those components will cost before he installs them. You have complete control over whether or not to install any of the pieces.

If you purchase your plotter from us, we sell new and refurbished HP Designjet plotters, Canon plotters, and Epson plotters, and we also provide free labor for the first setup of your plotter.

Plotter maintenance contracts and care packs are also available with plotter repairs in Manchester; our service region is not limited to the London area alone. The engineer will require access to the site behind the plotter to stack all of the cases, and they will also need space to move around the plotter. Please check that as much information as possible has been provided on the problem with the plotter and the error messages.

Manchester Printer Repair Services

Our Plotter Repairs and Mainteance Process

So when you have booked one of our engineers for Plotter maintenance or repairs, here is what you need to do to get the best result from your Plotter engineers visit.Ensure you have enough ink for your plotter; there is nothing worse than paying for a plotter engineer to turn up only to find you have run out of ink.
Make sure you have spare ink, print heads, and paper.
Next, the engineer will normally have to take the plotter apart; please make sure there is enough room for the engineer to work on the plotter.
The engineer will need to be able to get around the back of the plotter and will also need somewhere to stack all the cases.

Please ensure you have given as much information about the fault with the plotter, and error messages.